Tuesday, April 30, 2013

English and Languages Annual Recognition Ceremony

The English and Languages Department's Annual Recognition Ceremony was held in the Oklahoma Room at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, April 30th.

Awards and Scholarships
Daisy Moore Duvall Scholarship:  Kelsey Jackson
Wanita Danley Centennial English Honors Scholarship: Jaime Worden
Margaret (Peggy) Nims Writing Scholarship:  Noelle Hurt
Young Family Scholarship:  Jessie Randall
Reed Loving Watt Scholarship:  Felicia Doyle
Geraldine Burns Award:  Noelle Hurt
Outstanding Student Teacher:  Cody Stephens
Senior Portfolio Award:  Lindsey Dugan
LeMoine Blake Crabtree Outstanding Student of Russian:  Ashley Cardwell
Gary and Linda Travel and Study in Russia and Ukraine Scholarship: Trevor Spradling and Yin Lai
Paul Hughes Award: Nathan Steinman
Eleanor Waner Dedmon Spanish Scholarship:  Heather Truett (Byng High)
Ozella Waner English Scholarship:  Mary Dixon (Ada High)
Sara Randall Memorial Scholarship:  Macy McDonald
Higgenbotham Scholarship:  Michael Womack
Criswell Memorial Scholarship:  Jaime Worden
ACTR National Post-Secondary Scholar Laureate:  Ashley Cardwell.

Best Essay Awards
Best Essay in a Humanities Course:  Cayla Odom, “Endearingly Deceptive: The Merit of the Unreliable” (Responding to Literature, Dr. Hada)
Best Essay in a Literature Course:  Noelle Hurt, “‘Til Death Do Us Part:  Idealism in All the Pretty Horses” (American Literature since Whitman, Dr. Hada) and Lindsey Dugan, “Examples of the Relationship Between Music and Mortality” (Existential Literature, Dr. McMahon)
Best Creative Writing in a Freshman/Sophomore-Level Course:  Teresa Buretta, “Life Is But a Dream” (Introduction to Creative Writing, Dr. Walling)
Best Essay in a Writing Course:  Noelle Hurt, “What’s a Teacher to Do?” (Composing Theories, Dr. Davis)
Best Essay in a Language Course:  Jaime Worden, “Critical Period, Genie, and Language Learning’” (Introduction to Linguistics, Dr. Benton)

Good times for Dr. Tribbey

Crop from scan of generic Thai calendar of type printed in bulk to be stapled to advertising posters
Dr. Tribbey published 15 poems in April.  For a sampling, visit Truck and Experiential-Experimental Literature.  And look for more to come soon in Di-Verse City Anthology 2013.

Congratulations, Dr. Tribbey!