Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Made a Battering Ram of Her Head

The following is adapted from the November 29th entry on Garrison Keillor's website, The Writer's Almanac:

November 29th is the birthday of Louisa May Alcott (1832), born in Germantown, Pennsylvania..  It is also the birthday of her father, Amos Bronson Alcott (1799), born in Wolcott, Connecticut, and also the birthday of his daughter.  Louisa was the author of many books, most notably Little Women (1868); Bronson was a transcendentalist philosopher, abolitionist, teacher, and a vegan before the term even existed.  He got by on loans from others, including his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson, but the Alcotts were often without money. At 15, Louisa vowed: "I will do something by and by. Don't care what, teach, sew, act, write, anything to help the family; and I'll be rich and famous and happy before I die, see if I won't! [...] I'll make a battering-ram of my head and make my way through this rough-and-tumble world."

Click here to read more on the Alcotts from today's entry in The Writer's Almanac.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Monday, November 21, 2011

Feminism and Academia

Dr. Rothrock and Dr. Murphy are discussing "Feminism in Academia" today in ECU's Estep Center at 4 pm.

It's open to the public and they invite you to come join the conversation.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rotten Apples: A Symposium (November 17th)

9:30-10:45 AM  Estep Auditorium
(Bill S. Cole University Center)
Preston Marshall, East Central U: The Lone Ranger: The Teacher Hero Who Stands Apart
Jennifer McMahon, East Central U: “Cowboys, Schoolmarms, and the Western View of Education
Brock Parsons, East Central U: “Teachers as God: Truth through the Eyes of a Child”
Jaime Worden, East Central U: “Pedagogical Perverts?: When Innocence and Isolation Take a Turn for the Worse”
Chair: Steve Benton, East Central U

11-11:50 AM Estep Auditorium
(Bill S. Cole University Center)
Ken Hada, East Central U: “’Tomorrow is just another day’: Teaching Models in Stand and Deliver and Dead Poet’s Society”
Alexis Peterson, Northwestern Oklahoma SU: “The Cinematic Teacher”
Ryan Madison, East Central U:  "Bad Teacher"
Chair: Cheryl Betts, East Central U

11-11:50 AM Regents Room
(Knight Hall)
Anthony Cloutier, East Central U:  “Master Paik”
Paula Wiest, East Central U:  “Misguided Youth: Kung Fu Style
Nate Kipping, East Central U:  “Mrs. Mathews”
Jason Murray, East Central U and Robin Murphy, East Central U: “Rotten Maize?: Native American Literature, Rhetoric(s), and Pedagogical Practices
Chair: Toby Goforth, East Central U

11-11:50 AM Linscheid Library Lecture Room
Amber Donaldson, Northwestern Oklahoma SU:  “Hollywood’s Teacher: Tough-Love or Airhead
Jackie Duvall, East Central U:  “Reaching In, Breaking Out: The Pedagogical Depictions of Female Educators
Joshua McNeely, East Central U:  Tigers, Teachers, and Trouble: An Analysis of Ms. Wormwood from Calvin and Hobbes
Chair: Misty Raymo, East Central U

12 PM Break for Lunch

1-1:50 PM Estep Auditorium
(Bill S. Cole University Center)
Robin Cline, Northwestern Oklahoma SU:
“Educators in Hollywood”
Marc DiPaolo, Oklahoma City U: “’My Professor is a Sex-Obsessed, Socialist, Alcoholic Superhero’: College Professors as Heroes and Villains in British and American Film”
Kurt Edwards, East Central U: “Framing Educators, Killing Students: Rarely a Theatrical Happy Ending”
Chair: Kathryn Lane, Northwestern Oklahoma SU

1-1:50 PM Linscheid Library Lecture Room
Lindsi Bonar, East Central U: “From Little Women to the Chalk Children: Depictions of Homeschoolers in Film and Fiction”
Joshua Grasso, East Central U: "Teaching Lear in India: A Look at R.K. Narayan's The English Teacher
Macy McDonald, East Central U: “Gilmore Girls, When Nice Students Snap: The Dubious Benefit of Standardization”
Chair:  Jaime Worden, East Central U

 1-1:50 PM Regents Room
(Knight Hall)
Kaylie Blackwell, East Central U:  “Are You Informed?: The Educator as Depicted in Cold War Era Social Guidance Films
Jim Hunter, East Central U: “Kingsfield Doesn't Get Paid for Lovin'”
Caitlyn Stephens, “The Cool Teacher vs. The Geeky Teacher
Chair: Kaci Plunkett, East Central U

2-3:30 Estep (Bill S. Cole University Center)
Directed and co-written by former high school teacher Mike Akel, this mockumentary applies the comic sensibility of TV’s The Office to the faculty of a Texas high school.

3:30-4:15 Estep (Bill S. Cole University Center)
FeaturingJames Bell, Northwestern Oklahoma State; Debbie Claxton, East Central University; and Mark Walling, East Central University; moderated by Steve Benton, East Central University.

5:30 Linscheid Library, 2nd floor Atrium

6:30 Linscheid Library, 2nd floor Atrium
FeaturingBen Myers, author of Elegy for Trains, winner of the 2011 Oklahoma Book Award for Poetry

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Mad Hatter Digs Dr. Tribbey

Mad Hatter's Review published three of Dr. Tribbey's poems yesterday.  Check them out by clicking this link.

Congrats, Dr. Tribbey.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011