Monday, February 16, 2009

On reaching out

Here's a webpage that Amanda Dill thought might be interesting to ecu english folk. [That's Amanda on the right.] Amanda writes: "The poem on the page was part of the assigned reading for Ethnic Lit...I think it's important, especially for cultural pieces like this one, to find people the piece reaches out to and see what they have to say. Most of us can't identify personally with this piece--but the author of this blog can."

Here's the first stanza of "Little Sister Born in This Land" by Elías Miguel Muñoz, the poem featured on the page listed above:

When you slip
slowly and lovingly
through my fingers
I cannot hold you
and explain a thousand things
Each time you smile
and show me your shoes with buckles
or tell me a story
of space flights
(How you would love to be a princess
in those absurd and bloody wars)
Each time you intrigue me
with your riddles
with your words
that will always be foreign
to our experience


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