Monday, November 2, 2009

Enter the Gen Hum / Comp II Matrix

Need a ENG 1213 and a G-1 Humanities elective? Consider taking Dr. McMahon's ENG 1213/HUM 2413 combination course. Students must co-enroll in the courses for a total of 6 hrs and completion of 2 general education requirements.

Though some of you may be reluctant to enroll because of the co-enrollment requirement, Dr. McMahon says you "need not fear. The HUM 2613 class introduces students to major figures and issues in philosophy through the medium of film. Films that we will consider include (but are not limited to): The Matrix, Total Recall, The Butterfly Effect, Minority Report, Gone Baby Gone, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We will consider how these films explore philosophic topics such as personal identity, moral obligation, intellectual certainty, and the nature of reality. In the ENG 1213 class that is linked to HUM 2613, students will develop their skills in writing, critical analysis of literary and visual sources, and library research. They will be required to complete several critical (argumentative) essays focused upon works and themes addressed in the HUM 2613 class. Their essays will be expected to utilize both primary and secondary source materials.

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