Saturday, January 30, 2010

A civilizing passion

"The love of art is a civilizing passion. It was never the politician, the general, or the teacher who was the true nurturer of that thing we call civilization. The fostering parent of civilization is the artist. If we forget the arts, we are doomed to a very dull and deadly life. The importance of the arts lies in the transmission (translation) of ideas and the innovation that almost always comes with such a transmission, in the preservation of tradition, and in the establishing of new traditions. In the arts it is important, as it is in all education, to differentiate between what is fad and what is fabulous. What is fabulous is mythic, and myth as patterns of human existence is what we base our lives on. And poetry is the voice of myth.

Jim Barnes (see image at right), On Native Ground

Thanks for passing this along, Dr. Hada.

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