Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honors Convocation 2010

Dr. Trisha Yarbrough, English professor and University Honors Program Director, welcomed everyone to the 2010 Honors Convocation at the Ataloa Theater today. Dr. Mark Hollingsworth (see image at left), new Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, played the bagpipes and led the procession to the ceremony (see video above), which featured a barefoot poetry reading by English major Ben Nicolls (who gave a shout out to the inspirational Gothic Literature course he took here last spring; that's Ben in the photo at right). Also of note: English major, Lindsey Dugan, was recognized an outstanding Honors sophomore, and Dr. Bill Osborne, who gave the convocation address, informed us that Walt Disney is one of his favorite leaders. Dr. Osborne's message? Dream, Dare, Do.

Among those representing the English and Languages department at the event: Chair Dr. Jennifer McMahon (with Ben below to the left), Honors Society Faculty Sponsor Dr. Robin Murphy, and her esteemed colleague Dr. Eril Hughes (at right).

Honors students in the English and Languages department (in addition to Ben and Lindsey) include: Audreana Lynn Cameron, Jenny Lynn Crelia, Allison R. Finley, Nathan C. Griffin, Zachery Tylor Hubbard, Macy Renae McDonald, John Michael Norman, Kaci Leigh Plunkett, Marc Ryan Ruhnke, Jennifer D. Sanchez, Alexandra R. Taussig, Tahrea W. Millberry, Emily Rae Starkey, Megan Taylor Van Eaton, and Hailey Dawn Wansick.

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