Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ECU Haiku

The following are first-time attempts at haiku, recently written by students in Dr. Hada’s Non-Western literature course.

schoolyard merry-go-round
withering Oak
bum perched on sidewalk

(Tarek Nakad)

through winter wood
a bounding fox
to an icy glade

(Kaitlyn Hatton)

melting moon cloud
Indian Summer froze time
interstate love

(Sommer Stevens)

majestic mountains
green, yellow, red, orange, gold
refreshing autumn

(Kadee Wilbanks)

lonely dirt road
Autumn trees whisper
sunlight glows

(Angela Skinner)

unappreciated stone
ostentatious horizon
resigned ending

(Stephanie Davis)

memories shaken
thoughts painfully unraveled
unknown desires found

(Joshua Francis)

light shines in darkness
eyes closed protect against light
but still the light shines

(Rain Harrell)

Photo by Tim Byrne
changing of leaves
a dancer glides gracefully
tired hearts smile

(Sierra Barnhart)

contorted it lives
aware of the passing sun
uncurled it grasps

(KC Cole)

simple life
undesired obstacles abundant
distinct change

(Kasey Sheppard)

Photo by Adam Jones
old man in rocking chair
leaves falling at dusk
casualties of Time

                                (Lacie McCaskill)

leaves change
stone bench beside icy pond
large mocha - $3.49

(Josh McNeely)

dancing butterflies
fluttering in spring air
new beginnings

(Candace Grissom)

friends smiling, no worries
pain, loss and heartache
memories and laughter

                        (Betty Hargus)

Photo by Patrick Henson
cold breeze gray sky night
no lights as sky cries loud
screams are forgotten

(Rain Harrell)

Sycamore leaf
floating over granite
short-lived grace

(Ken Hada)

wind-swept grass
partners in creation

                        (Ken Hada)

dripping eaves
move a mountain of snow

(Ken Hada)

Photo by E. A. Roberts
crawling over cracked sidewalks
what might be

(Ken Hada)

crisp autumn air
moonlight shining bright
laughter, so full of life

(Angela Jasna)


  1. These Haiku's were amazing!! You guys did an excellent job :) -SharLee Knighten

  2. Love the visuals. Thanks Dr. Benton. Thanks students :) KHada

  3. These are priceless---simply beautiful, meaningful, and powerfully succinct. It's wonderful to see them all together as a group; what an amazing assignment. It reminds me that critical work can be creative, and it creates a beautiful sense of ownership to write a poem that can have life outside of class. Though there wasn't a dud in the lot, I really loved Kaitlyn Hatton's and Lacie McCaskill's haikus--they were so lyrical yet had a beautiful message. Also enjoyed the discordant image of the Mocha sign in Josh McNeely's haiku. And man, you can't beat Hada's with a stick...I love the "dripping eaves" one. This kind of stuff makes me proud to be in the department! Thanks!

  4. Here's a late entry from Angela Jasna:

    crisp autumn air
    moonlight shining bright
    laughter, so full of life

  5. Really liked these Haiku types of poems and enjoyed the ones written by my classmates and Dr. Hada on this website, along with the pictures. Haikus are very neat because they are simple in length, but yet so deep. Might be my new favorite type of poem.

    -S. Barnhart (Non-Western Lit.)

  6. I really enjoyed working and hearing my classmates read their poems. To all my classmates, Great job! And to Dr. Hada, Thank you for the opportunity to show the talent of the class.

  7. Thank you for using my photo! Very Happy to see it here and thank you for crediting it. The original location has changed, you can also find it here:
    and here:

    Great haiku! Do you also teach koans? -Tim Byrne