Saturday, March 5, 2011

The role of NASA in our daily lives?

Dr. Rothrock sent us this heads up:

"NASA is not just for scientists anymore!

"Dr. Mark Micozzi invites all majors to apply for this unique opportunity for stipends and scholarships from NASA.  Though the application forms themselves will answer your questions more fully, as will Dr. Micozzi, this is a summary of what I learned when I talked with him:
  • Eligibility: any undergraduate student (usually juniors and seniors) who has a “research project established” and is “working with a faculty member” 
  • $800 scholarships are based upon academic achievement and financial need, requires a “social responsibility portion,” usually in the form of 3 hours per week of “volunteer duties in their field of anywhere they want to explore” 
  • $2000 research stipends cover 10 hours a week of work on a research project 
  • This is to promote NASA’s mission—“the science and art of discovery”
  • Winners may use the money awards for anything they want; it is intended to help college students so they don’t have to work outside of school so much; “NASA wants a timely and educated workforce.”
  • This fellowship program is not the same thing as NASA internships, but Dr. Micozzi says that this program can lead to the other one. 
  • The essay does not have a length or style requirement, but it should relate “a student’s future to some part of NASA’s role in our daily lives. What are the student’s personal goals? How important is a student’s current discipline and person goals related to NASA’s role in our society? This is open ended. A student’s personality drives it.” 
The applications are available in ADM 102.

Instead of asking “why should I?”, consider asking “why not?”
The NASA Fellowship Program at ECU is offering to qualified applicants the following awards:
Up to 2 Research Assistant Stipends ($2000.00)
Up to 8 Undergraduate Student Scholarships ($800.00)

Requirements for application:
All applicants must be a full-time ECU (at least 12 credit hours per semester) undergraduate student and a citizen of the United States. They must have at least a 2.7 GPA and provide an official transcript, current class schedule, and fall transcript. In addition, they must supply three letters of recommendation, complete several required NASA forms, and submit a student essay.

About the essay:
In reviewing applicants for all positions, the reviewers consider evidence of creativity, initiative, motivation, and other characteristics indicative of the applicant’s potential as a scholar and contributor to society. Such evidence may or may not be accurately or adequately represented by test scores, grades, or other information tabulated in your application. Please communicate to the reviewers any additional comments on your activities, accomplishments, goals, research and career interests that give evidence of these characteristics and that might be helpful in the evaluation of your application. In addition, please discuss your specific interests and how they and your discipline relates to NASA’s overall mission. Remember, all disciplines find space in NASA’s world!

Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 @ 3pm
Applications are available in the Student Services Office, Room 102 in the Administration Building

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