Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rotten Apples: A Symposium (November 17th)

9:30-10:45 AM  Estep Auditorium
(Bill S. Cole University Center)
Preston Marshall, East Central U: The Lone Ranger: The Teacher Hero Who Stands Apart
Jennifer McMahon, East Central U: “Cowboys, Schoolmarms, and the Western View of Education
Brock Parsons, East Central U: “Teachers as God: Truth through the Eyes of a Child”
Jaime Worden, East Central U: “Pedagogical Perverts?: When Innocence and Isolation Take a Turn for the Worse”
Chair: Steve Benton, East Central U

11-11:50 AM Estep Auditorium
(Bill S. Cole University Center)
Ken Hada, East Central U: “’Tomorrow is just another day’: Teaching Models in Stand and Deliver and Dead Poet’s Society”
Alexis Peterson, Northwestern Oklahoma SU: “The Cinematic Teacher”
Ryan Madison, East Central U:  "Bad Teacher"
Chair: Cheryl Betts, East Central U

11-11:50 AM Regents Room
(Knight Hall)
Anthony Cloutier, East Central U:  “Master Paik”
Paula Wiest, East Central U:  “Misguided Youth: Kung Fu Style
Nate Kipping, East Central U:  “Mrs. Mathews”
Jason Murray, East Central U and Robin Murphy, East Central U: “Rotten Maize?: Native American Literature, Rhetoric(s), and Pedagogical Practices
Chair: Toby Goforth, East Central U

11-11:50 AM Linscheid Library Lecture Room
Amber Donaldson, Northwestern Oklahoma SU:  “Hollywood’s Teacher: Tough-Love or Airhead
Jackie Duvall, East Central U:  “Reaching In, Breaking Out: The Pedagogical Depictions of Female Educators
Joshua McNeely, East Central U:  Tigers, Teachers, and Trouble: An Analysis of Ms. Wormwood from Calvin and Hobbes
Chair: Misty Raymo, East Central U

12 PM Break for Lunch

1-1:50 PM Estep Auditorium
(Bill S. Cole University Center)
Robin Cline, Northwestern Oklahoma SU:
“Educators in Hollywood”
Marc DiPaolo, Oklahoma City U: “’My Professor is a Sex-Obsessed, Socialist, Alcoholic Superhero’: College Professors as Heroes and Villains in British and American Film”
Kurt Edwards, East Central U: “Framing Educators, Killing Students: Rarely a Theatrical Happy Ending”
Chair: Kathryn Lane, Northwestern Oklahoma SU

1-1:50 PM Linscheid Library Lecture Room
Lindsi Bonar, East Central U: “From Little Women to the Chalk Children: Depictions of Homeschoolers in Film and Fiction”
Joshua Grasso, East Central U: "Teaching Lear in India: A Look at R.K. Narayan's The English Teacher
Macy McDonald, East Central U: “Gilmore Girls, When Nice Students Snap: The Dubious Benefit of Standardization”
Chair:  Jaime Worden, East Central U

 1-1:50 PM Regents Room
(Knight Hall)
Kaylie Blackwell, East Central U:  “Are You Informed?: The Educator as Depicted in Cold War Era Social Guidance Films
Jim Hunter, East Central U: “Kingsfield Doesn't Get Paid for Lovin'”
Caitlyn Stephens, “The Cool Teacher vs. The Geeky Teacher
Chair: Kaci Plunkett, East Central U

2-3:30 Estep (Bill S. Cole University Center)
Directed and co-written by former high school teacher Mike Akel, this mockumentary applies the comic sensibility of TV’s The Office to the faculty of a Texas high school.

3:30-4:15 Estep (Bill S. Cole University Center)
FeaturingJames Bell, Northwestern Oklahoma State; Debbie Claxton, East Central University; and Mark Walling, East Central University; moderated by Steve Benton, East Central University.

5:30 Linscheid Library, 2nd floor Atrium

6:30 Linscheid Library, 2nd floor Atrium
FeaturingBen Myers, author of Elegy for Trains, winner of the 2011 Oklahoma Book Award for Poetry

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