Monday, January 30, 2012

Reviewing the River White

"The rhythm of clear water moving over smooth stones, shining in the sun or lost in fog, filling your senses with sight and sound and memories.

"How else to describe the new book with a unique pairing of watercolors and poetry, The River White,  by brothers Duane and Ken Hada? 

"This graceful 104-page  volume from Mongrel EmpirePress  is a work of art in itself in design along with 46 poems and double the number of watercolors tracing the White River for 700 miles, from source in Northwest Arkansas to the Mississippi. The title of each poem is a location on the river. It and a small watercolor on the right pages face a full page watercolor on the left.  Twin brush strokes--words and color. A masterpiece of publishing and talent."

Click here for more of Terry Clark's glowing review of Dr. Hada's most recent publication, The River White.  Clark is a professor of journalism and director of Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame at the University of Central Oklahoma.

And click here to find the book at Amazon.

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