Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wanna be an Upward Bound mentor?

Dr. Teresa Rothrock writes:  "For those interested in becoming public school English teachers, this is a particularly good opportunity to get to know the people behind the adolescent façade and test out some of those theories we’ve been talking about. It helps distinguish a resume’, too."

Upward Bound is now taking applications for the summer Upward Bound program.
We are looking for responsible juniors and seniors who would be willing to spend June 1 – July 13 mentoring area high school students.
Upward Bound will pay room/board, field trips, etc..
The duties would include but not limited to: supervising students in the dorm, cafeteria, classrooms, on campus and field trips.
The salary range is $1500- $1750.
For more information call Tonya Harrell at ext. 856. Applications are located in the Upward Bound office located in Fentem Hall, Rm. 333. Deadline for all applications is March 8th.

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