Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Spring Banquet (and John Yozzo Roast)

2010 Scholarship and Prize Winners:
Daisy Moore Duvall Scholarship (Excellence in literature or poetry): Brandon Michael Frye
Reed Loving Watt Scholarship (Honors English major): Katherine Conrad
Margaret Nims Scholarship (English teaching certification major): Bryson Vann
Young Scholarship (English major who resides on campus): Erin Lincoln
Outstanding Student Teacher Award: Christi Carruth
Geraldine Burns Award (OCTE Outstanding Future Teacher): Christi Carruth

Paul Hughes Award (original creative composition):
First Prize: Jim Brockman
Second Prize: Heather Moreno
Third Prize: DeAnna Russell
Outstanding Senior Portfolio: Shanon Norton

Writing Prizes
Travis Gasaway, "Heroes Who Save Us"
Brandon Frye, "The Japanese Idea of Mono No Aware"
Coby Thornton, "Vampires Throughout The Ages: Of Course They Live Forever"
Chad Large, "A Pawn for Profit: Evolution of Native Americans in the American West"
Holly Fipps, "Mary Shelley and Victor Frankenstein: A Psychoanalytic Study"
Josh Forrester, "The Murphy Foundation Critical Citizenry Grant"

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