Friday, April 29, 2011

STD: Finger Foods and Finger Texts, today at two

The photo above was taken at last year's initiation of new members.

English majors, English and Languages faculty, and other friends and supporters of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society are invited to join attend our final meeting and of the school year Friday, April 29th from 2:00 to 3:15 in the Hayes Native American Center Studies Center (Horace Mann.

As part of the afternoon’s festivities, we will be inducting three new members to the official Sigma Tau Delta rolls:  Lindsi Bonar, Bryson Vann, and Paula Wiest. As with the other Sigma Tau Delta meetings that have been held this year, dress will be casual. We will forego the lighting of candles and go light on business and ceremony so that we can spend more time talking about texts (we’ll provide ‘em) and ideas (hopefully, you’ll provide some of those).   If you’ve never attended one of our meetings, please come and get a taste of what we’re about.  We welcome first-timers and long-time-no-seers.

Behold:  The Fancy Eatin' Table (the pot passers are on the wall)
In addition to the official induction of new members, two other things will be different about this meeting.  First:  food.  We are hoping to pull off an hors d’ouevre potluck (and we take delight in the juxtaposition of those terms).  So if you are coming, please try to bring a plate’s worth of some kind of finger food to share (Need ideas?  See addendum).  The STD coffers (and cupboards) will provide plates, napkins, cups, plastic dinnerware, and drinks.

And that brings us to the next difference between this meeting and previous meetingsplease let us know if you plan to come so that we will know how deeply to dig into those coffers (and cupboards).

Remember:  R.S.V.P.!

Your Sigma Tau Delta sponsors,
Dr. Joshua Grasso
Dr. Steve Benton

Something Fancy
What to bring to an hors d’ouevre potluck:  little sandwich cubes that have the crust cut off (which makes them fancy); a jar of spicy pickles; a bag of chips with dip; grapes; a can of nuts; brownies; home-made cookies; radish sandwiches; ice cream and orange juice; Greek olives; a veggie tray; banana halves; apples;  imported cheese and crackers; ham rolls; some fancy home-made thing; something you bought at a convenience store on the way over.  In short, a plate or bag’s worth of anything edible and sharable.  And if this requirement makes you hesitant to come, don’t bring anything and come anyway.  We won’t call you out.

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