Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall Commencement 2011

Terry W. West
This fall's commencement address was delivered by Shawnee attorney Terry W. West, who attended ECU in 1956 and 1957.  West advised graduates to make a sincere effort to living a happy life.  "Life is what you make it," he advised, and encouraged graduates to live in the present instead of always thinking about things that will make them happy some day in the future.

Gertrude Stein
West suggested that those who focus too much on the future may be disappointed as Modernist writer Gertrude Stein was when she traveled to her childhood home in Oakland, California and found that it was gone.  As she put it, "there's no there there."

I counted five English majors listed in the program as candidates for Bachelor's degrees: Katherine Sarah Conrad, Amy Kathleen Davis, Samantha Jane Manuel, Benjamin D. Nicolls, and Brock Parsons.

Congratulations to all! 

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