Friday, December 2, 2011

Hold on to Those Papers!

Dr. Mark Walling writes:

"Language Awareness, the capstone course all English majors must take, requires students to compile a portfolio of work that reveals the completion of NCATE outcomes. Throughout each semester, English and Languages faculty will be collecting two copies of some assignments and placing them in your portfolio, which is kept in the Advising Suite. This collection adds our efforts significantly, but we can't collect everything you write. Please keep copies of everything you submit in an English majors' course so you will have access to it in case you decide to place it in your portfolio. In Language Awareness you must include seven works in the portfolio. This is required of ALL ENGLISH MAJORS regardless of how many works were collected by your professors, and the portfolio makes up a large portion of the grade in the Language Awareness course. You don't need to worry about the outcomes. That's our job. But please help our effort by saving all of your work. If you prefer, print an extra copy and place it in my door pocket (HM 317; above the stairwell) and I will file it in your dept. portfolio in the Advising Suite.

"Thanks and have a happy holiday break!"

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