Monday, April 23, 2012

2011-12 Scholarship and Award Winners


Daisy Moore Duvall Scholarship:  Jaime Worden
Margaret Peggy Nims Scholarship:  Noelle Hurt
Young Family Scholarship:  Macy McDonald
Reed Loving-Watt Scholarship:  Lindsey Dugan
Geraldine Burns Award:  Megan Cooper
Outstanding Student Teacher:  Megan Cooper
Senior Portfolio Award:  Sarah Berger
LeMoine Blake Crabtree Russian Award:  Rayel Schinnerer
Gary and Linda Ainsworth Award:  Jacob Stevens, Alexis Brendle, and Catherine Phipps

Paul Hughes Awards
1st: Allan Adams
2nd: Caitlyn Stephens
3rd: Mary Newport

Eleanor Waner Dedmon Award: Joseph Lawrence Hagan-Zertuche
Ozella Elizabeth Waner English Award: Ashley Bean and Kaitlin Forest
N.A.S.A Scholarship: Noelle Hurt

Best Essay Awards
Upper-level literature course:  Lindsi Bonar, “Class is as Class Does”
Lower-level literature course:  Jaime Worden, “That Ol’ Kate Sure is an Eccentric Broad.”
Language course:  Noelle Hurt, Review of Andrea Lunsford’s Easy Rider.
Writing course: Daphine Peck, “The Language Fallacies of ‘Homophobia’”

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