Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Haiku

Dr. Hada's Non-Western Literature class is haiku-ing . . .

waiting for the bell,
nervous, losing much control
freedom comes at last

a blanket of snow
covering the land below
spring is only near
                        -Hannah Cochran

Sleeping child awakes
Like capricious wind blowing
Life whirls by and leaves

Happy world, good friends
Bullfrog drinks fruit of the vine
Sharing, drinking, joy

Thunder rips the sky
Dr. Hada makes us write
Poems cleave the mind

Water flows downhill
Autumn days turn to winter
Snow piles up in mounds
                        -Teresa Buretta

The steaming rocks hiss
Prayers to the Higher Power
We are all at peace

Loud croaks, howls, and chirps
Horns, alarms, sirens roaring
Somewhere someone sleeps
                        -Consuelo Splawn

What do we see there
Distant pictures in the clouds

To the moon and back
What a trip I would travel
If first I survived
                        -Lain Underwood

Love is like a tree
Blooming big and beautiful
Then fading away
                        -Diana Champagne

The night draws nearer
What could I possibly say
The moon sings her song

Just as the leaves fall
A wounded soldier kneels down
Not to rise again

Quiet waterfall
We are not so different
Disappearing mist
                        -Sarah McCary

To Let it Go
Standing heart broken
She watches life drift away
Lovely red balloon

The Kite
Colors catch the wind
Reflecting across the clouds
Anchored by a string
                        -Kennedy Riley

a ripe peach floating
a river of blue looking
into to the lake below

ice encases branches
silence broken by gunshots
my heart shattered
                        -Sherry McDonald

Despite summer heat
The turtles run from the roads
To racetracks for gold
                        -Lessa Estrada Ojeda

The Sun
The sun lowers its grasp
Petals bend to earth
Waiting for warmth again

Face of a Father
Strong as the majestic Oak
Shows age many ways
                        -Brett Marsaln

Patient Venus Flytrap
As a lion after dark
Stalks the hunting game
                        -Jessica Day

Lazy poolside days
Summer sun bronzing my skin
Ice cold beer in hand

Things are moving ’round
Found a plate in my book bag
Maybe it’s a ghost
                        -Jess Wolfe

Ice cream truck drives by
Students follow their routine
Homework is given
                        -Stephanie Maas

Once broken, still whole
Liberty stands guarding
A dove feeds her young

The sun grows colder
As green fields breathe heavily
Loud whispers echo
                        -Caitlin Spencer

Years of union
Bound together by love’s cord
Bittersweet ending

Nine months of waiting
Pretty little girl awaits
Parenthood begins
                        -Emanuel Velasco

The rooster was my alarm
With no snooze button
                        -Chanpel Burgess

I see bright flowers
Dancing to music in time
Butterfly landing
                        -Tierra Robbins

Family is great.
Goodbye is hard, a stream
Purling past rock
                        -Tammy Sullivan

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  1. Never really enjoyed poems until Dr.Hada's Non-Western Literature class. These Haikus are great and the wedsite looks amazing!